On the 6th Day of Christmas Willow Gave to Me

On the 6th Day of ChristmasOn the 6th Day of Christmas Willow gave to me...

A Super Deal on PIllows and Blankies!

On Wednesday, Dec 18th from 10am-6pm ONLY!

36% OFF all in-stock PILLOWS and THROWS
That includes ALL holiday pillows in chunky yarn or embroidered cardinals as well as all throws, like our red & gray fleece blankies, or chunky yarn red or gray throws and don't forget the muslin swaddies for the wee ones!

(Where do they get the feathers for down blankets and pillows? From geese, of course!)

*Discount cannot be combined with other discounts or Fun Money

Purchases can be made by phone on the day of Special if you cannot make it in person

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