The Acorn & the Oak - book written by Rhonda Accardo Illustrtaed by Jessica Waterstraat
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The Acorn and the Oak - by Rhonda Accardo

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"The Acorn and the Oak" is the story of a young girl, her mother, and their love of an old oak tree. It is a timeless adventure that takes its readers into the forest and allows them to see all its beauty. The detailed illustrations brought to life with watercolor will forever change the way you see a simple acorn or an oak. Written to inspire all ages, this tale teaches about love, strength, and endurance. Using the connection that people have with nature, the story reminds us that after we lose something we love, it will forever shape us and remain a part of our lives.

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Written by Terre Haute native - Rhonda Accardo

Illustrated by-  Jessica Waterstradt

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