Soberdough Sea Salt & Crack Pepper loaves in baking pans
Pouring beer into mix of Soberdough Brew Bread
Sea Salt Crackk Pepper Brew Bread Package
Close up view of slice of Soberdough Sea Salt Crack Pepper Brew Bread

Sea Salt & Crack Pepper Brew Bread Mix

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This newest hot selling duo is a gourmet zinger... Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. It will catch you by surprise with each bite while leaving a lingering taste of pepper. Do as Salt-n-Pepa would say,"Ooh baby, baby. Bake it real good!"

We LOVE that they are made in Nashville, Tennessee!

  • 100% All natural ingredients
  • Dairy-free and Soy-free
  • Made in a nut-free facility

Just add your favorite beer!


Step 1. Pour mix into bowl

Step 2. Pour in 12 oz. beer

Step 3. Stir until all flour is mixed in

Step 4. Spread in loaf pan, bake at 350° for 45 minutes

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