Model holds Mini Orchid greeting card
Mailing envelope back
Front view of mailing envelope
Mini Orchid Oasis greeting card, bully open
10 pack of Mini Orchid Oasis greeting cards
Notecard with purple orchid on front, for personal message to be sent with Mini Orchid Oasis greeting card
Model holds greeting card in her hand while reading notecard
greeting card, envelope and notecard together on a plate.
Model pulls greeting card from Orchid Oasis envelope
Mini Orchid Oasis greeting card sits on table with model nearby, reading notecard
Fresh Cut Paper

Mini Orchid Oasis Greeting Card

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Inspired by a tropical getaway, these luxurious and striking orchid blooms embody the lush landscapes of the rainforest. Complete with a mahogany "wood" stand and modern stone planter, this house plant makes the perfect gift and chic home decor.

  • Measures approx 5.5" high by 5" across
  • Flowers and envelope are 100% recyclable paper
  • Use 2 Forever Stamps to mail within US

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