Layers model with mix & match necklaces
Gold Circle Layers Necklace
LAY-09G  Five Gold Bars Layers Necklace
Lay-87G Gold Granite Bar Layers Necklace
Lay-89G gold necklace marble triangle
Lay-47G Layers gold starburst necklace
Lay-19G Layers gold necklace with crescent moon
Lay-25G Gold triangle necklace
Lay-97G Gold Layers mini circles necklace
Lay-81G Gold triangle with bar
Lay-43G 3 circles necklace
Lay-31G Layers gold single bar necklace
Lay-83G Layers gold entwined circles
Lay-91G Layers Gold necklace half gold circle half marble circle
Lay-67G Layers gold necklace
Lay-109G Layers gold Necklace circle
Lay-55G Layers Gold necklace with stone encrusted circle
Lay-07G Layers Gold necklace with gold V bar
Lay-15G Layers gold necklace with curved bar
Lay-53G Layers gold necklace with pearls and gold circles
135G Layers gold necklace with starburst and center pearl
129G gold mini heart necklace
Lay-131G Gold Layers necklace with pearls
Lay-139G Gold CZ Curve Layers necklace
Lay-143G Gold Layers necklace with rectangle stones
Lay-145G gold padlock Layers necklace
Layers gold open teardrop necklace
Lay-147G Layers Gold necklace with rectangle stone
Lay-15G Gold Layers U Necklace
Lay-11G Gold circle Layers necklace
Lay-129G Gold mini heart necklace
Lay-139G Gold necklace
Lay-153G Layers Gold mini stars necklace
Lay-155G Layers Starburst with stone inside circle Gold neckace
Lay-157G Layers Gold Crescent Moon and Silver mini Star Necklace
Lay-161G Layers Gold necklace circle with stone
Lay-03G Layers Gold Necklace
Lay-105G Layers Gold V Necklace
Lay-01G Gold Cross Layers Necklace
Gold Layers Necklaces
Gold Layers Necklaces
Gold Layers Necklaces
Gold Layers Necklaces
Gold Layers Necklaces
Gold Layers Necklaces
Center Court

Gold Layers Necklaces

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