Rainbow sun catcher by Woodstock Chimes
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Size chart of Rainbow Crystal Wonders Suncatcher by Woodstock Chimes
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Crystal Wonders Rainbow Suncatcher

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Featuring a stained glass effect with gold metal outlines filled with a translucent resin that allows light to shine through, our Crystal Wonders look the same from both sides. When hung in a window with the light streaming in, these colorful ornaments are breathtaking.

Rainbows represent many things. They are a symbol of hope and promise. They also represent the "rainbow bridge" where pets are reborn and await their masters. Finally, the many-colored rainbow is used as a symbol for diversity and human rights. Whatever it means to you, our Crystal Wonders - Rainbow is sure to let the sun shine in!

Works equally well as a sun catcher or Christmas ornament. Hang it in your office or dorm room - it's especially beautiful when hanging in the window or in front of a light.

  • Genuine Austrian crystals
  • Gold finish plated brass chain
  • Gold stainless steel and multi-color translucent resin ornament
  • Overall Length: 4.5 inches [Length: 7'' w/ chain] • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Individual Item Weight: 0.05 lb.

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