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willow fashion

Willow Gift & Home is a unique fashion boutique, carrying a wide variety of trendy clothing, accessories and jewelry. We offer the latest in fashion from top style influencers! Fashion Show

You will want to bookmark our Events Calendar and sign up for the Willow e-newsletter to stay up to date on our  new offerings.  We have a fine selection with new styles in every week.

Due to Covid restrictions we have been unable to host our popular Fashion Shows that we have enjoyed so much. Until we can once again resume these activities, we are posting videos titles "5 Outfits in 5 Minutes" on our YouTube Channel to help keep you up to date on the latest! Make sure you subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified of new posts. 

If you're in town, make sure you stop by to see what's new at Willow! We'd love to see you!