Buffalovin' Wing Artisan Brew Bread Mix
Package of Soberdough Buffalovin' brew bread mix
Slices of buffalovin' brew bread
Pouring a bottle of beer into a bowl of soberdough Brew Bread Mix

Buffalovin' Wing Artisan Brew Bread Mix

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The sexy spice lingers on your tongue just enough to tease until the slightly sweet and cheesy bread seduces you back... this is some Buffalovin' good bread!

  • 100% All natural ingredients
  • Dairy free and soy free
  • Made in a nut-free facility
  • Just add beer

We LOVE that they are made in Nashville, Tennessee!

Pair Pumpkin Spice Mix with your favorite beer.


Step 1. Pour mix into bowl
Step 2. Pour in 12 oz. beer
Step 3. Stir until all flour is mixed in
Step 4. Spread in loaf pan, bake at 350° for 45 minutes

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